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Optimal Performance, Automatic Scaling, and High Availability for Maximum Uptime.

Uptime and High Availability with WordPress Cluster

Get a highly available WordPress cluster using a ready-to-go template that can be installed automatically by:

Pre-Configured WordPress
Cluster in a Single Click

Eliminate complex configurations to get Dedicated WordPress Hosting in minutes.

The WordPress package with automatic scaling for servers, as well as simplified database replication and accelerated cluster provisioning and maintenance further eliminates the need for manual setup.

So companies can focus on business rather than server management and infrastructure setup.

Highly-Available WordPress Cluster Installation step-by-step

Setting up a WordPress cluster and deployment is usually quite time consuming and complicated, but with Buyucloud most of the configuration is automated and you only need to make a few clicks to set installation preferences.

You can install WordPress Cluster Kit v2 from the Buyucloud Marketplace or by importing the appropriate manifest.jps file from GitHub.

In the opened installation window, you can customize settings.

If required, change the Environment name, Display Name, choose destination Region (if available), and click Install. Wait several minutes for Jelastic to set up your WordPress Cluster.

Follow the links and use credentials from the successful installation window to manage your WordPress application. Click the Open in Browser button to get your WordPress site welcome page.

Install WordPress in One Click!

Buyucloud provides two versions of WordPress (stand-alone and cluster) which can be installed quickly and easily. Free for 14 days, after that the cost of hosting the WordPress cloud application is calculated hourly based on resource usage.