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Cut Downtime, Cost and Complexity with BuyuCloud.


Why Buyucloud?

Easy to Deploy

Run Java, PHP, Ruby, Node.js, Python or Golang applications on Buyucloud without changing source code, using Docker, GIT, SVN, archives or plugins such as Maven, Ant, Eclipse, NetBeans, etc

Easy to Scale

We make it easy to setup load balancers as well as vertical and horizontal auto scaling features so that when a load spike occurs, traffic and resources will be automatically distributed to multiple nodes.

Easy to Manage

Our Dashboard is very intuitive and easy to use for designing application topologies, deploying, accessing configuration files and logs, collaborating with teams, and integrating with CI/CD tools.

All-in-one DevOps Automation Platform

Buyucloud helps DevOps to automate application installation, scaling, replication and updating to save time and minimize errors

Install Ready-to-Go Applications in One Click

From the Buyucloud Marketplace, you can quickly install various applications and have them configured ready for production-grade. Here are some examples of available applications.


Save Over 50% of Your Cloud Cost with Pay-per-Use Pricing Model.

With Buyucloud, you only pay for the resources used in your application, where this model is similar to the electricity (PLN) or water (PAM) payment model.

One of the obstacles that exist in other cloud providers is operational costs which are inflated because there are “hidden costs” from using unused resources, data transfers, number of queries, IOPS, etc.


Buyucloud provides unlimited data transfers and all cloud resource fees are calculated per hour based on usage. Resources that have been reserved but are not used will not be billed.

You only need to pay for CPU, RAM and Storage usage in each container you use, and you can also set Auto Scaling Limits for each container, so that it can be adjusted according to your application needs to serve traffic/load spikes and according to your budget.

Even if you provide a high resource limit for handle traffic/load spikes, you will only be billed based on usage (real usage). If this additional resource allocation is not used, you do not need to pay for it.

Simple, Fast and Cost Efficient Cloud Platform

Easily and quickly build, test and deploy your applications in the cloud from the Buyucloud dashboard, complete with high availability clustering and auto scaling features so they can handle traffic/load spikes and large numbers of users.

Frequently Asked Questions

BUYUCLOUD is the next generation cloud platform for Developers and DevOps who like simplicity in doing their work. With the development of increasingly sophisticated application development and CI/CD technologies which also lead to multi-cloud and hybrid deployments, the complexity is increasing and the resources required to manage this are increasingly numerous and expensive.

BUYUCLOUD provides a solution to answer this challenge by providing convenience, flexibility and full control for Developers and DevOps in managing the application development lifecycle in one integrated dashboard that is intuitive and user-friendly.

There are 8 advantages of Buyucloud compared to other cloud hyperscalers:

  1. Developer Friendly GUI and CLI
  2. Cost Efficient & No Hidden Charge
  3. Free Unlimited Bandwidth Inbound & Outbound
  4. Easy Automatic Vertical & Horizontal Scaling
  5. Powerful DevOps Automation
  6. Free Premium Anti-DDoS Network Protection
  7. Monitored 24×7 by Buyuguard SOC Team
  8. Fast & Friendly Local Support 24×7

Buyucloud offers more features and flexibility compared to cloud server or VPS technology. With Buyucloud, you can deploy your applications much more quickly and easily, without the need to configure the operating system level. 

Buyucloud already uses container technology which is very flexible, powerful and can be scaled vertically easily without downtime. Where with VPS, when you need to add CPU, RAM or Storage resources it requires a few minutes of downtime to reboot.

You can easily build an application topology using a super-sophisticated high availability cluster on Buyucloud, in just a few minutes. By using a VPS, you may have to spend weeks configuring and testing it, and that also requires a high level of skill.

Yes, Buyucloud uses Certified Managed Containers, containing pre-configured managed software stacks such as Java, PHP, Node.js, Python, web servers, databases, load balancers, etc. Each of these software stacks has been optimally secured and you can easily upgrade versions with just a few clicks.

Securing Docker containers is not easy. With Buyucloud, this security hardening has been done automatically, saving you time. Firewall configuration on each container can also be done easily.

Yes, it’s very easy. You can deploy applications using the file upload method, Git, SVN, Bitbucket, Docker Hub registry, etc.

No need. You can try Buyucloud using the sub-domain provided.

If you already have a domain, you can easily point your domain to Buyucloud just by updating the CNAME or A record.

Yes, Buyucloud provides free Let’s Encrypt SSL which can be installed with just one click and will be renewed automatically. You can also easily install paid SSL from the Buyucloud dashboard.

In general, Buyucloud uses the pre-paid payment method, where you can top-up the balance according to your application needs every month.

For Corporates customers, you can apply for a post – paid payment method to the Billing Dept. where you will receive only one bill at the beginning of the month for usage in the previous month.

You can make payments via: 

– Bank Transfer / Virtual Account: BCA, ATM Bersama, Prima or Alto 

– QRIS Code: GO-PAY, OVO, Dana, LinkAja, m-BCA, dsb. 

– Credit Card: Visa, Mastercard atau JCB 

– LINE Pay e-cash 

– Mandiri e-cash 

All payments via the above channels do not require manual payment confirmation and orders are processed immediately.


Buyucloud uses several premium datacenters that you can choose from when installing the application:

  • EdgeDC – Kuningan, South Jakarta
  • AtriaDC – Daan Mogot, West Jakarta
  • DCI Indonesia – MM2100, Cibitung
  • Equinix  – Ayer Rajah Crescent, Singapore

You can also easily migrate applications between datacenters from the Buyucloud dashboard in the Environment Settings – Migration menu. Buyucloud will automatically perform auto reconfiguration of IP addresses and DNS zones. After the migration is complete, all you have to do is update the IP address in your domain to the new datacenter location.

For those of you who want to use a multi-region architecture for geographical load balancing or disaster recovery, please consult with Buyucloud’s Enterprise Support team.

All Buyucloud datacenter locations are equipped with Free Premium Anti-DDoS Network Protection L3-L5. To protect applications from attacks at Layer 7, please activate the Web Application Firewall module in the Addons menu at the application server level. 

Buyuhost also has a 24×7 Security Operations Center team called BUYUGUARD, which is specially trained to perform proactive security monitoring, incident response and threat intelligence, protecting Buyuhost’s cloud infrastructure from various increasingly sophisticated and dangerous cyber attacks. If you need additional cyber security services such as penetration testing, security hardening, assessment, etc. – please contact Buyucloud Sales.

You can contact the Buyucloud support team 24×7 via tickets, live chat and telephone. It is hoped that before contacting the Buyucloud support team, you have studied the tutorials and documentation available on the Buyucloud Support page.

Corporate customers can also get Premium Enterprise Support services   that are more personalized and have the advantages of standard support services, such as priority service, private consulting, 24×7 Security & Application Monitoring, etc. Please contact Buyucloud Sales for the fee.