PostgreSQL Cluster as a Service with Automatic Replication, Load Balancing and Scaling

High Availability and Maximum Performance

Enterprise PostgreSQL Cluster with
Master-Slave Asynchronous

As a critical component for most applications, data must always be available to end users in a dynamically changing environment. Storing data in one location is a subject that is at risk in the event of a system error.

Therefore, you must always be prepared with a strategy that ensures that your application is always in high availability and one solution is to manage the data on multiple synchronized servers.

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Enable Automatic Clustering for Databases

The entire process of creating a MongoDB auto-cluster can be done in a few clicks.

PostgreSQL Master-Slave Cluster package can be easily found in the Marketplace. 

If required change database VersionEnvironment name and destination Region in the installation window.

In Buyucloud, auto-clustering is enabled by a specially designed switch that makes clustering easier than ever before. To do this just invoke the topology wizard at the dashboard, pick the software stack(e.g. PostgreSQL 12.3) and slide the Auto-Clustering switch to the right.

Change the destination region if necessary. Here we choose Premium.

Database cluster topology obtained upon both deployments looks like as follows:

When the database cluster installation is completed, you’ll see a confirmation message with master node URL and database access credentials. All this information is duplicated via email.

Install PostgreSQL in One Click!

Buyucloud provides MySQL/MariaDB which can be installed quickly and easily. Free for 14 days, after that the cost of hosting the WordPress cloud application is calculated hourly based on resource usage.