Buyucloud Pricing Plan:
Pay As You Use

You pay for what you use, just like you pay your electric bill!


Scaling Efficiency vs Over-Allocation

Buyucloud provides a unique process of automatic scaling with payments based on real usage on cloud computing, and not on server size. Compare that to what you lose from other cloud vendors with different pricing and scaling models.


How Buyucloud Pricing Works

Each container hosted with Buyucloud is divided into granular units – cloudlets (128MB RAM and 400MHz CPU). The platform measures hourly how many cloudlets in each container are consumed and requests payment for only these resources used.

You can set the maximum scaling limit for each container, so that resources will always be available in case of load spikes or other changes in consumption. It doesn’t matter how high the limit is – payments are based on usage only. The rest of the allocated resources will just wait in the resource pool and wait for the application to request them, and all of this is completely free.

Additional Charged Resources and Services

RAM and CPU, applications can consume the following charged resources:

Disk Space

Rp. 3000/GB per month

Data Transfer

FREE (Unlimited)

Public IP

Rp. 50,000 per month

Built-in SSL



Pricing Calculator

Please enter the load balancer, web server, and database server requirements for your application, and you can see the estimated cost per hour and per month, based on usage (real usage).

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