Enterprise Database
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Automated Provisioning, Clustering, Scaling and Updates.

Create Your Database Cluster Easily

Database clustering is a mandatory requirement for highly loaded applications to ensure data protection, availability and high performance. However, the configuration of a reliable cluster is not a trivial task even for developers and systems.



With Buyuhost you can choose from Master-Master, Master-Slave or Galera cluster option.


PostgreSQL Primary-Secondary Cluster for improving data availability with asynchronous replication.


Replica sets provide enough redundancy to survive most network partitions and other system failures.

Enterprise Features for Your Database Cluster

Enjoy superior performance and data protection from your database cluster:

  • Primary-Secondary, Primary-Primary, Galera replication options
  • Load balancing with ProxySQL
  • Scalability and auto discovery
  • Automated failover
  • Intuitive GUI for simplified cluster management

Forget the "Right-Sizing" Problem

Automatic Vertical Scaling

Buyucloud PaaS dynamically provision the number of cloudlets (RAM and CPU resources), adjusting the requirements of your database cluster to handle the current amount of load. You only need to set the maximum limit and the rest will be set automatically by Buyucloud – without the need for manual intervention.

The automatic vertical scaling feature ensures you never pay more for capacity you never use without having to experience a shortage of resources when your application spikes.

Automatic Horizontal Scaling

Automatic horizontal scaling is implemented with the help of triggers that can be adjusted to your needs, where in special conditions, adding and removing nodes will be carried out based on the existing load.

Every minute Buyucloud will analyze the average consumption of existing resources to determine whether an adjustment to the number of nodes is needed or not.

Pay-per-Actual-Use Pricing

You can specify the maximum scaling limit for each database, so that the resources needed by your application will always be available.

It doesn’t matter how high the limit you have set, the payment that is billed will only be according to the actual amount of resources used. Excess resources that exist will only standby in the pool and will not be charged at all.

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